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Why? The Singing / Straw is the first reusable, customizable and modern/convenient/effective straw phonation tool for singers and voice-users (yep, that’s YOU) around the world.

What is Straw Phonation: Pioneered by Dr. Ingo Titze (the world’s leading Vocologist, who also is a wonderfully generous and open-minded human), the act of singing through our a straw is scientifically proven to make your singing voice more efficient, which in turn reduces impact on your vocal folds, relieves extrinsic muscular strain and promotes healing. 

Did I lose you? Here’s the bottom line, it makes your voice:




Voice nerds like us can dig in deeper to the why from our good friends here, here and here.

So how exactly do you use the Singing / Straw? It’s easier than you think, start by singing with your lips around the straw, and make sure all your air is going through the straw (don’t let any leak out around the sides). Pinch your nose to make sure you’re not humming.

You will feel some resistance - that means it’s working! Don’t fight it. If the resistance is too intense, add another straw. Repeat if necessary, up to 3 straws at a time. 

Once you’ve got the hang of singing with the straw, try normal singing again. Yes, you can actually *feel* the difference immediately. No, you’re not crazy, we can really SEE the effects when we watch a singer’s vocal folds before, during and after the Singing / Straw

- Slides & Sirens

- Warm-Up Scales and Arpeggios

- Cool Down Exercises

- Song Work

A note about frequency vs. duration. Humans learn better with more frequent practice sessions, rather than longer, infrequent practice sessions. The same goes for the Singing / Straw. In fact, we suggest using it 3-5x per day for 5 minutes at a time. It is also the quickest and quietest vocal warm-up you’ll ever get.