Finding your “Mix” Voice with The Singing / Straw

Finding your “Mix” Voice with The Singing / Straw

Ever feel like you’ve got two separate parts of your voice? You know, the one part that sounds like you and the part you “turn on” the higher and higher you sing?

This is what many voice teachers and singers often refer to as your “chest voice” and “head voice”. Something I get questions about ALL the time on Tik Tok. Specifically around how to identify and/or eliminate the “break” they’re experiencing between these “two voices”. And how to seamlessly blend them together (aka your “mix”).

So in today’s video, I’m going to talk about the meaning of each of these terms and why it matters for your voice:

Finding your “Mix” Voice with the Singing / Straw

Be sure to stick around to the end, where I’ll sing you through 3 of my favorite straw exercises you can do for building, balancing, AND strengthening your mix using the Singing / Straw.

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