How to Sing like Taylor Swift

How to Sing like Taylor Swift

It’s no secret I’ve been a T-Swizz fan especially after the ERAS Tour.

So I thought it’d be fun to make a video where I teach YOU how to sing like Taylor 👇🏻

How to Sing like Taylor Swift

If you clicked that link above ^ I hope you know I was kidding…

Look, as much as I looooove Taylor. 

And admire how much she’s grown over the last 15 or so years. 

As both an artist and a vocalist. 

I’d never want to sound like her. 

And not because I don’t think she’s talented. 

Or I could “sing circles around her”. 

But because, I’d rather sound like me

In fact, I’ve committed the last 10+ years of my career, trying to help other singers realize and unleash their OWN beautifully authentic voices using my signature Singing / Straw™ method. 

Which you can learn more about in this video here.

If you believe in having New Year’s Resolutions, let this be one you add to your list for 2024…

This is the year I silence my inner critic. 

I silence all negative thoughts, especially when comparing myself to others. 

This is the year I learn to love and embrace my unique voice. 

The road to loving your voice isn’t one that’ll come easy. 

In fact, it’s something you’ll likely have to practice daily. 

And that’s OK. 

Because I’m here to build you back up, whenever you need. 

The Singing / Straw team and I got your back.

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