Is It Too Late? Learning How To Sing As An Adult

Is It Too Late? Learning How To Sing As An Adult

A few years ago, I came across an interview Ed Sheeran did with Jonathan Ross where he played an old recording of him singing before he hit it big.


And let me just preface this by saying, if you ever want to feel good about where you are in your vocal journey…I highly recommend watching this video.


Like many of us, we’ve grown up to believe this false idea that the greatest singers in the world were born with a natural ability to sing.


This is simply NOT true. 


And what I love about this interview is how candid Ed is about how hard he had to work to be the talented artist (and vocalist) he is today. 


You can watch the interview here


Anyways, the reason why I’m sharing all of this is because I get comments and DMs like this all the time:


“I’m 33… is there hope for me at this age to take lessons and eventually become a great singer?”


And the answer is: yes!


Of course there is still hope for you. 


So long as you are open to learning a new skill that you can commit to getting better at everyday.


In fact, I think you’re only doing yourself and the world a disservice by NOT sharing your voice. 


Because we all have something important to say. 


And to not pursue learning something new just because you’re afraid of what people might think, is just so upsetting to me. 


So if you’re someone who is new to singing or coming back from a brief hiatus and aren’t sure where to start…here’s what I recommend doing:


1. Adjust your mindset - First, you need to understand that singing is a skill that can be learned like anything else.


So that little voice inside your head that sounds a whole lot like your mom or your high school chorus teacher telling you you’ll never be good enough? 


Yeah, shut that shiz up!


It doesn’t know what it’s talking about. 


2. Start a daily vocalizing routine - This could be a simple arpeggio that you do either with a Singing / Straw or on lip trill. 


Really any simple exercises you can commit to doing each day that will help you create a fundamentally healthy sound that feels good, too. 


3. Put together a list of songs that bring you joy and most importantly, make you FEEL good :)


You got this!


If you found this article helpful and want even more content like this, make sure to leave a comment for me below so I know to keep serving you up with the stuff you love ♥️

Happy Saturday,

Whitney Nichole 

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