Do You Struggle with the Fear of Messing Up?

Do You Struggle with the Fear of Messing Up?

You’ll tell your friends you’re finally getting back into singing. 

You’ll tell your family you’re going to start taking up voice lessons again. 

You’ll watch video after video, visualizing what it’ll feel like to take the stage after your 3 year hiatus. 

But will you actually do it?

99% won’t. 

And not because they aren’t talented enough. 

Or can’t learn how to sing. 

It’s because they’re afraid of messing up

So they stop before they even get started. 

Sound familiar?

You might remember, that in just a few days (on March 20th), we’ll be kicking off our 4th round of the Become A Better Singer Bootcamp. 

Where you’ll learn how to sing the songs you love - with more confidence, ease, precision, AND power - in just 4 days.

Every singer who is actually willing to invest in the growth and development of their voice…

And registered for this Bootcamp…

Has experienced incredible vocal transformations - some as quickly as Day 1. 

You won’t catch them scrolling through Tik Tok, wondering if they’re ready or not.

So if you’re ready to kick your fear of messing up to the curb, then click the link below and I’ll show you how you can transform your voice in as little as 4 days:

>> ”I’m not afraid of messing up, Whitney! I’m ready to transform my voice!”

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Happy Saturday!

Your not-so-basic-vocal coach,

Whitney Nichole

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