How To Stop Living With Regret And Start Doing What You Say You Want To Do

How To Stop Living With Regret And Start Doing What You Say You Want To Do

I just wrote an email earlier today about going through life with regret. 

And never doing the things you say you want to do. 

Which doesn’t just go for singing…  

Or going after your wildest musical dreams…

It goes for starting a business, too. 

After over 10+ years as a vocal coach and business owner. 

I can tell you there were SO many times, I had waited to act on doing something…

Something that could’ve moved MOUNTAINS for each of my businesses 10x faster… 

Because I was afraid of what might happen if I had allowed myself to just DIVE in. 

That fear of not knowing whether the grass will be greener on the other side. 

Or if it’ll look as brown as it is over here on the side of the fence you’re sitting on. 

Something I know many singers are afraid of, especially when they’re thinking about other ways they can monetize their musical talent aside from gigging or performing.

Like vocal coaching, music lessons, producing, etc. 

And usually that fear stems from a few things like not feeling like you’re good enough.

Known enough.

Respected enough.

Not having enough experience. 

Something you believe only time can fix.

Which is true…to a certain extent. 

On the other hand, that little voice in your head whispering “in a few years, you’ll be ready to do x, y, and z”...

Is only going to get louder the more experience you DO get. 

Because you’ll be holding yourself to a different standard. 

Along with other coaches, teachers, performers, singers, etc.

Who are also holding themselves to a higher standard. 

The voice may just sound a bit different. 

Because the challenges you once had to overcome, don’t seem difficult compared to the obstacles you might be facing now. 

Which is called growth

Something you can’t see, until you get started. 

Which is something I hope I’ve successfully drove home for you in today’s article. 

Because yes, while you do have some time left here on this earth. 

Time really does fly. 

And if all you’re doing is waiting for the next opportunity to come…

Or until you have enough time..

Enough experience…

Enough talent..

Enough, enough, enough… 


All time is going to do, is just pass on by you. 

Stop waiting, start chasing. 

The Singing / Straw team and I are rooting for you. 

Happy Saturday ♥️

Whitney Nichole

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