S/S Warm-Up for Better HIGH Notes (Digital Download)

S/S Warm-Up for Better HIGH Notes (Digital Download)

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A vocal warm up for singers looking to find more ease, resonance and freedom in their high notes. Rooted in the Singing / Straw method, this combines both straw phonation and traditional singing exercises to help you find more release and let go of strain in your upper register.

This Warm Up Set includes:

  • Intro Audio Track setting you up for success
  • Your Practice Track download in mp3 form (run time 22:10m)
  • PDF Walk Through of the exercises and helpful tips
  • Our "Getting Started Video" on how to best use your S/S
  • An invite to our S/S Facebook Group

Available in three voice ranges: Soprano/Alto, Tenor/Baritone & Bass.

Created and narrated by S/S Founder, Whitney Nichole.

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