Cool Down Your Voice with the Singing / Straw

Cool Down Your Voice with the Singing / Straw

The Cool Down.

It's the most underrated exercise you can do for your voice. And so simple to add to your routine! 

Whether you’re a professional singer completing a performance, or a parent who has just finished telling an epic bedtime story (complete with wacky voices!), you may find that your voice feels strained and fatigued afterwards. Today, we’ll be teaching you about the importance of vocal cooldown exercises, as well as providing you with a simple yet effective routine to help you protect and care for your voice. If you’re ready to learn how to keep your voice in tip-top shape, let’s dive in!

Why Is It Important To Do Vocal Cooldown Exercises?

Just like any other physical activity, singing and speaking for extended periods of time causes muscles to work overtime and potentially strain themselves. Left in this state, permanent damage can occur. 

For example, picture a marathon runner. Do they plop down on the couch the moment they’ve finished a race? Of course not! To protect their muscles, they continue moving around slowly, keeping blood flowing and gradually bringing their body back to its natural resting state. Vocal cooldown exercises serve the same purpose – to promote the longevity and health of your vocal muscles.

An incredibly effective way to supplement these exercises is by using the Singing / Straw. Just as workout equipment helps professional athletes tone and strengthen their muscles, the Singing / Straw helps singers and orators to hone their most used muscles. It works by partially blocking the air as it leaves your mouth, creating resistance in the vocal tract. This resistance sends energy back to the vocal cords, allowing them to vibrate more efficiently and effectively and resulting in improved vocal control and stamina. 

Using the Singing / Straw for Vocal Cooldown Exercises

Now that you understand how crucial it is to let your voice cool down after strenuous use, let’s go over how this revolutionary tool can make your vocal cooldown exercises quicker, easier, and more effective:  

Adding the Vocal Cool Down to your vocal routine is a foolproof and effective way to decrease inflammation, reduce tension, and reset your voice – all of which will go a long way toward protecting your voice over time and maintaining your vocal potential.

Happy Singing! 

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