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singing / straw

The one and only

singing / straw

your voice, elevated

Welcome to the next evolution in singing.

The Singing / Straw™ is a revolutionary straw phonation tool that makes singing easier.


The better way to sing.

The Singing / Straw™ is a metal straw phonation tool that singers, vocalists, and speakers can use to promote more efficient vocal fold closure and release extra tension.

In other words, magic.

straw me.


How the Singing / Straw works

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Singing / Straw Set
Singing / Straw Set
Regular price $39.00

Three stainless steel Singing / Straws sized perfectly for singing, customizable by using one, two or three at a time for varying levels of airflow and back-pressure, plus an engraved wooden carry case, a custom-sized cleaning brush, and a gorgeous S/S bag.

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