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The Singing / Straw is the next evolution in singing.
The first reusable and customizable straw phonation tool for singers, speakers, and vocalists that promotes vocal efficiency and reduces tension.


What is straw phonation?


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How vocal pros use the Singing / Straw

The Singing / Straw has become my favorite gadget to train and take care of my voice. After I suffered from a strong laryngitis that left me with dysphonia, using the Singing / Straw just 5 minutes every day helped me recover my voice.

Sandro León | Vocal Coach and Singer-Songwriter

I love the Singing / Straw! I use mine daily and recommend them to all my clients. They help build coordination and are great for all voices—from beginners to professionals. So grateful for the Singing / Straw!

Allie Moss | Vocalist with the Ingrid Michaelson Band

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