3 Tips for Finding your Natural Vibrato Using the Singing / Straw

3 Tips for Finding your Natural Vibrato Using the Singing / Straw

Got this question recently from one of my Tik Tok followers about how to find your vibrato using the Singing / Straw …


“How does it [the Singing / Straw] help you find vibrato? That’s an area I desperately want to improve. Are there specific exercises with the straw for it?”


So I figured I’d just whip up a quick video in case you had the same question, too.


Here are 3 ways the Singing / Straw can help you hone your natural vibrato in SECONDS.


Now don’t worry if this doesn’t kick in right away.


For many singers (myself included), it does take a bit of doing before you’re able to consistently access this sensation.


At first, you may only notice your vibrato in certain parts of your voice.


Like your higher notes or lower notes.


This is because you’re finding the most ease and balance in these areas of your voice.


So you want to really pay attention to where that vibrato starts occurring naturally.


And then build on that from there.


Anyways, I hope this helps.


Let me know how it goes!


Your not-so-basic-vocal coach, 

Whitney Nichole


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