How Often Should You Practice Singing?

How Often Should You Practice Singing?

“How often do you practice?”

I asked this question on Instagram yesterday, and I was shocked at how many singers responded. You can check it out here.

Maybe you’re looking at these comments and feeling like you’re not practicing enough. So naturally, you might be wondering, “Whitney, how often should I be practicing?”

Well, it really depends on a few things, like…

What are your vocal goals? And how quickly do you want to achieve them?

Not everyone is looking to be the next Taylor Swift. (That girl has some SERIOUS dedication to her craft!)

Most singers I speak to are either working artists who also teach on the side or singers who just do it for fun.

Maybe they sing in their church choir or want to try out for their local production of Phantom of the Opera.

Not all voices are created equal. And neither are every singer’s goals.

So here’s what I recommend: If singing is something you’re looking to do professionally, you’re probably going to want to practice every day. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, if you don’t have a ton of downtime.

On the other hand, if you’re new to singing or you haven’t sung in a LONG time, trying to do too much too fast might be a little overkill and actually make it harder for you to stay consistent.

In that case, I recommend just picking a couple days a week, where you work your voice for just 5-15 minutes per day and you can be intentional with your exercises so you’re working on a very specific area of your voice. There’s no shame in starting off slow and slowly ramping up little by little over time. (Our self-paced Love Your Voice Course program is great for this, because you can train your voice on your own timeline without worrying about what exercises to practice.)

Hope this helps!

Whitney Nichole 

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