How to Jump Back into Singing After Taking a “Vocal Vacation”

How to Jump Back into Singing After Taking a “Vocal Vacation”

It’s been a minute since you last sang.

Maybe you changed jobs. Just moved cities. Had a baby. Or maybe you haven’t been able to get back on track since the pandemic…

Whatever the case, you’ve been doing some thinking about how you’d like to start gigging again. But you’re worried that you’re just not “ready yet”. That all of the progress you had made years ago, just faded away. And now you’ve got to start back at square one. 

First of all: don’t stress. You are not alone. I’ve had this exact conversation with SO many students of mine throughout the years. 

The reality is…singing? Just like many other aspects of our lives - may go through different phases. Times where you are ON IT, practicing daily, gigging regularly…And other times, where you know, life happens! And you might not be able to prioritize your voice the same way you used to. 

After I had my first son, I had a gig booked just a couple of months later. And let’s just say my first rehearsal back was anything but spectacular…

I remember running through my set and wondering why I was struggling so much to hit each note that came out of my mouth. When I could sing the same songs so easily just months before.

I was convinced that something was wrong with my voice. So much so, that I actually went to my ENT to get a scope the very next day.  

But I was wrong.

My vocal folds were in PRISTINE condition. Probably the healthiest they’d ever been. 

So what the heck was going on?

My voice was just a little “out of shape”.  

Which makes sense because I hadn’t been singing like I was before having a baby. (Plus, you know, hormones...)

I didn’t have the same balance and stamina that I was used to singing with. Which I realized was totally OK! 

Because my voice (like yours) is like any other part of my body…you’ve got to “work it out” to keep it strong and healthy. Hence why I keep sharing all of these Singing / Straw workout videos on my YouTube Channel ;).

So let’s do it together!

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how YOU can jump back into the sing of things (see what I did there) with a gentle, low impact Singing / Straw vocal workout that is PERFECT for building back stamina and flexibility in your voice - no matter how long it’s been.

How to Jump Back into Singing After Taking a "Vocal Vacation"

See how the next few minutes feel and if you’re good to go go ahead and try doing this exercise daily for the next two weeks. 

Because remember: just a few minutes every day goes a long way.

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