How to Sustain Your Tone While Singing Long Notes

Today, I’m coming in hot with a question from one of my Tik Tok followers that I hope you might find helpful…


“How can you sustain your tone while holding a long note?”


Well, the way I see it this comes down to 2 things…


The first is going to be the consistency of your air flow. 


And no, I don’t mean “just sing from your diaphragm!”


What I really want you to focus on is taking a low inhale.


So letting your stomach relax.


And allowing your lungs to fill themselves from the bottom UP. 


That is going to naturally engage your diaphragm. 


And when your diaphragm is engaged…


It will give you more control and consistency (in your tone) as the air flows OUT. 


Make sense?




To find out what the next thing is to help you sustain your tone while holding a long note, click here to learn how.

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