Singing Advice to my 20 Year Old Self

Singing Advice to my 20 Year Old Self

Ever wonder if you could turn back time, what advice you might give to your younger self - knowing what you know now? 

Yeah…don’t get bangs. 

Well today, I thought it’d be fun to share some of the singing advice I would give MY 20 year old self if I had the chance. 

Singing Advice to my 20 Year Old Self


  • Paul Lovermi
    Former Guitar 🎸 and Trumpet 🎺 player Since grad school.

    Pick better musicians to get along With.
    Clashing Times.

  • Paul Lovermi
    Been a Trumpet 🎺 & Guitar 🎸 Player since Grad School.

    College & Profesional $$$/.
    Advice::: Pick better Musicians to Work With.
    Clashing <<<

  • Patti Reis

    This message could apply to anyone getting into singing for the first time or getting BACK to singing after many years (as I am). I am nowhere close to 20 lol but your message really resonates with me. Thank you.

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