4 Exercises You Can Do Today To Fix “Breathiness” In Your Voice

4 Exercises You Can Do Today To Fix “Breathiness” In Your Voice

If you find yourself stuck singing with a breathy tone, it usually means one of two things:

  1. You’re vocal folds are too swollen to fully connect and vibrate
  1. You don’t have the right level of intensity or enough closure to connect your vocal folds 

Now if you can rule out #1, you’ll want to check out the 4 exercises I’m about to share with you in the video below. Each exercise will teach you how to strengthen or re-engage that connection between your vocal folds so you can sing and speak with less “breathiness” in your tone so long as you don’t want to. 

On the other hand, if you suspect your vocal folds ARE too swollen (meaning, your voice feels more “airy” than usual…maybe you’re recovering from a cold from a few days ago) then I highly recommend you consult with your ENT first as these exercises could cause inflamed vocal folds or even more swelling and inflammation. Which we obviously don’t want!

And in that case, you should check out this video I made about vocal rehabilitation where I share 4 exercises you can do right now to decrease any swelling and inflammation you might be feeling in your vocal folds. 

NOTE: Each of the exercises I’ll be walking you through today are all straw-based. So make sure you have your Singing / Straw handy before you dive in. (I’ll be singing with my 4mm Singing / Straw PRO. So if you have the Singing / Straw Original, I recommend using two straws to create the same effect.)

If you DON’T have a Singing / Straw, you can pick one up here for 20% today when you use promo code: LDAY23 at checkout. You can also use a regular drinking straw, though, I can’t guarantee it will give you the same results. 

Alrighty singer, let’s dive in! 

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