Singing Straw PRO Product Photo Full Set Black
Singing Straw PRO Product Photo Full Set Rose Gold
Singing Straw PRO Product Photo Three Straws in Hand Black
Singing Straw PRO Product Photo Three Straws in Hand Rose Gold
Singing Straw PRO Product Photo Three Straws Diameter Side View Black Rose Gold

Singing / Straw PRO (Pre-Order)

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The Singing / Straw PRO is the perfect vocal tool for singers searching for a more nuanced and powerful straw phonation experience. Available in a Black or Rose Gold finish. Pre-order NOW at introductory pricing. Estimated ship date: mid-December 2020.

Intuitively sing better in seconds. 

Allow the S/S to do the work for you, physically helping your voice work in a healthier and more efficient coordination.

Strengthen your high notes and smooth your break.

The science behind the Singing / Straw allows you to safely and easily learn vocal fundamentals for a balanced voice.

Choose your nuanced resistance level: 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm diameter.

The Singing / Straw PRO includes three much more nuanced diameter sizes than the Original. In this set you'll receive:

  • A 4mm straw; for bigger and heavier voices, or for an easier workout
  • A 3mm straw; our go-to best size for most singers and styles
  • A 2mm straw; our highest level of resistance for ultra-intense high-level vocal training

as well as:

  • A "PRO" etched matching metal carry case
  • A custom-sized cleaning brush 
  • A sleek S/S carry bag

Elevate Your Voice Today.

Please note this item is available for PRE-ORDER. Total will be charged today at checkout to secure your place with the first batch. Current expected ship date is early/mid December, 2020. Pre-Production product shown for demonstration, production model may vary slightly in color/texture/etc, but will be functionally the same!
Status Update 11/27/2020:  Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our shipping partners are experiencing intermittent delays in transit times. Unfortunately, this means that your S/S may take a little longer to arrive than normal (usually only a day or two within the US, or an extra week or two internationally). Thanks for your patience and understanding while the world gets back on track – we’re all in this together!